2 gps, geographical tools made for fun and hopefully usefull for others

Mark-up a route, the distances and elevations for the points are then calculated


You can mark-up a route, the distances and elevations for the points are calculated and shown on a map


Create gpx file for OSM path or from (lat,lon) set, elevation profile is also calculated


You can import a file with lat, lon values for some route, or get a route-ID from

https://www.openstreetmap.org/query?map=14/64.1932/-51.5972&layers=CG#map=14/64.1854/-51.5074&layers=CG and insert this in input formular.

distances and elevations for the points are then calculated. You can download the route as a gpx-file,  which can be imported to a gps device.

Contact me: Bjarnephys@yahoo.dk

Show route on 3D-profile map

You can upload the gpx-file to https://maps3d.io/gps-track without install anything on your pc
or install freeware GoogleEarthPro program on your computer. GoogleEarth can use a lot of different file formats

Orange route (gpx file ) to Store Malene with https://maps3d.io/gps-track

orangerute-using GoogleEarth on PC
Orange route to Store Malene with GoogleEarth on PC

3D-cross-section-of-Store Malene

3D-Cross-section-StoreMalene3D-Cross-section-of-StoreMalene with https://maps3d.io/gps-track
1) I have made 5 points cross section route using elevation-along-upmarked-route.html, 2) saved route as gpx, 3) then uploaded to https://maps3d.io/gps-trac

Nordlandet-elevation-profil can be made with only 2 points